Who is eligible for a grant from Middlesex Community Fund?
  • Individuals applying for grants must either live or work in Middlesex.
  • Organizations applying for grants must meet the mission of the Fund.
  • Projects or programs that promote a particular political ideology will not be considered for grants.
How do I apply?

Fill out an application form for the type of grant for which you are applying. Contact us if you’d like a paper application mailed to you.

What types of grants are there?

Basic Needs Grants are for everyday items such as groceries, heating fuel, weatherization, or a necessary house repair. They can be applied for at any time and are capped at $300 per request. Applications will be awarded in the form of a gift card to businesses supplying the needed goods or services. Awards for the purpose of home heating will only be given after the applicant has contacted Capstone Community Action and received any available assistance. More than one Basic Needs grant can be applied for each year. There is a $750 annual cap for each family. For an application, click here.

Camp, Extracurricular Program, and Musical Instrumental Rental Scholarships are for camp tuition, extracurricular program fees, and musical instrument rentals. There is a $300 annual cap for each family. For an application, click here.

Education Scholarships are for tuition, fees, room and board, course-required books, travel, equipment, and more. The typical amount is for $300 though any reasonable amount will be considered. They must be applied for by May 1 of each year. For an application, click here.

Community Project Grants are for programs or projects that benefit the Middlesex community. They can be applied for at any time and for any amount. For an application, click here.

Please print out the application form if you are able and complete it and return it to Middlesex Community Fund, P.O. Box 825, Montpelier, VT 05601.

If you need help filling out the application form or to request that we mail you an application, please contact us.

Will all those who apply for a grant receive a grant?

No. The Fund’s Board reviews grant applications and votes on them as a Board.